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Good Riddance AWC donation

Our Q2 donation to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy

It has been a rough few weeks around Australia so you deserve to hear about some good things that YOU have helped achieve.
Good Riddance just made our Q2 donation to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, all thanks to the support of our loyal customers!
Together, we have now donated over $4,000 to the AWC since January this year and aim to donate over $10,000 this financial year through our 1% for the Planet commitment.
Some of the AWC's most recent conservation projects around Australia include:
  • Opening of a fenced, predator-free conservation area on Kangaroo Island to support species affected by the recent Black Summer bushfires, including the KI Dunnart
  • Reintroduction of numbats to Mallee Cliffs National Park after an absence of more than 100 years due to feral predators.
  • Expansion of the Curramore Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland's Blackall Ranges, increasing the AWC's footprint in the area by more than 15%! Curramore is a hotspot for biodiversity and is home to a number of threatened species including Koalas and Paradise Riflebirds.
KI Dunnart

Kangaroo Island Dunnart post 2020 bushfires. Photographed within Australian Wildlife Conservancy; KI Land for Wildlife critical refuge area.

If you would like to read more good news from the AWC, click here.
If you're interested in supporting the AWC you can visit one of their sanctuaries around the country. You can find out more here.