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We've made a natural mozzie repellent that actually works

Good Riddance Insect Repellent is a DEET-free, natural mozzie repellent that has been clinically proven to repel mosquitoes, midges and sandflies for hours.

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You don't need harsh chemicals to repel mozzies & midges

Good Riddance’s mosquito and midge repelling action is thanks to our beautiful essential oil blends.

We have combined aromatherapy techniques with the latest research in cosmetic chemistry to create beautiful, lingering scents that offer strong, clinically proven insect repelling action.

The creamy difference

Our cream-based repellents are rich in shea butter and beeswax which provide more than just a luxurious, nourishing experience.

These allow the cream to encapsulate the essential oils for slow release over a number of hours.

This is why ours are effective for much longer than other natural repellents.

Good Riddance’s natural mozzie repellents protect for up to 4 hours without DEET, Picaridin or OLE.

Quality ingredients, thoughtful production

Good Riddance is the result of years of testing countless innovative natural ingredients to create the safest, most effective repellents possible.

We manufacture our products in-house in our APVMA certified manufacturing facility, giving us total control over the process.

The result? Unparalleled quality and a truly luxurious insect repellent experience.

Rigorous testing means guaranteed efficacy

During development, we extensively tested our repellents in mozzie and midge hotspots across Darwin and Kakadu with the help of fishermen.

But, we were determined to prove that our natural repellents are just as good as traditional repellents on the market.

In 2018 we undertook two years of rigorous, independent clinical trials.

In 2020 our products were registered with the APVMA, validating their quality, safety and effectiveness.

We are so confident that you will love our repellents that our entire range is covered by a money-back guarantee.

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