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Australia's only midge & mosquito repellent for babies under 12 months

Lavender, Geranium & Sweet Vanilla
Repels mosquitoes
Repels midges & sandflies better than 80% DEET
Protects for up to 3hrs
Citronella free
Safe from 3 months
Suitable for sensitive skin

Good Riddance Sensitive Insect Repellent

Bug repelling essential oils in a natural nourishing moisturiser for sensitive skin and babies.

Suitable for the whole family

Good Riddance Sensitive is Australia’s only clinically proven insect repellent for babies from 3 months, pregnancy and sensitive skin. 

The nourishing, non-greasy cream base encapsulates the bug-repelling essential oils to slow their release, giving you up to 3hrs of protection from bites.

Superior protection against midges & sandflies

Our natural mosquito repellents have undergone strict, independent clinical trials to ensure they protect you from mosquitoes, midges & sandflies.

Good Riddance Sensitive was found to offer better protection against midges & sandflies than 80% DEET, making it a fantastic choice for midge magnets.

It also offers a very high level of protection against mosquitoes, including those that carry Ross River and Dengue viruses.


Naturally better for your skin

Good Riddance Sensitive was carefully formulated by a cosmetic chemist to be kind to sensitive skin.

We’ve blended lavender essential oil with other natural scents, including geranium and vanilla, to create a beautiful smelling cream that kids and adults will want to wear every day. This all-natural insect repellent is free from DEET, picaridin, OLE, citronella, phthalates and synthetic fragrances.

The luxurious cream base is rich in shea butter, cocoa butter and other natural plant oils that nourish the skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth.

Australia's most sustainable insect repellent

Our Sensitive repellent tubes are made from a recyclable and landfill biodegradable plastic. If the packaging ends up in landfill, it will break down within 10 years, without creating microplastics. You can learn more here.

We also donate 1% of every sale we make to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy to support the important conservation work they do right across Australia.