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Mosquito repellents for kids

Kids tend to love playing outside – there’s so much to do and often a bit more freedom than they get inside.  The downside to this can be mozzie bites that make the next few days unpleasant.   Using a mosquito repellent for kids can stave off the bugs and keep kids protected as they play.

Why are mosquito repellents for kids important?

It’s not just about protecting kids from insect bites because of the discomfort they can cause.  It’s also important to protect against mosquito-borne illnesses.  We’re generally pretty lucky in Australia, as we don’t have Malaria, but we do have plenty of other diseases circulating.  Unfortunately, there’s been a recent uptick in Japanese encephalitis, a virus that can lead to inflammation of the brain.  It’s a nasty condition that causes no symptoms in some people, but can be fatal in others.  It’s better not to take the gamble and pop on some insect repellent!

How do you apply mosquito repellents for kids?

Make sure you’re applying a good layer of mosquito repellent for the best possible protection.  You’ll need to do it for younger kids and help older kids.

If you’re applying repellent on a baby or toddler, don’t put any on their hands or fingers – they’re pretty much guaranteed to stick their fingers in their mouth and as great as our mosquito repellent is, it’s not particularly tasty.

For the face, be sure to squirt the repellent on to the hand, then use your hand to apply it to the face.  Squirting it straight onto your face might seem more efficient, but you really want to make sure you’re not getting any in the eyes or mouth.

Other ways to discourage mosquitoes

Remember – clothes are a great form of protection against insect bites!  If you’re going on a hike or into the bush, it’s a good idea to wear long pants and long sleeves, as well as putting mosquito repellent for kids on their exposed skin.

Ultimately, you want to be teaching your kids good habits when it comes to avoiding mosquito bites.  Make sure they know when they’re more likely to be bitten and how to avoid it.  If you travel to an area that’s high-risk for mosquito-borne illnesses, talk to your kids about why it’s extra important to avoid mosquito bites.