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It’s extra important to remember to apply mosquito repellents for babies over 3 months old.

Mosquito bites aren’t fun for anyone, but they seem extra rough when it’s a baby or little kid with the bites.  We recommend using our Sensitive insect repellent for babies over 3 months of age – it’s a gentle formulation made with little ones in mind.

You’ll need to apply mosquito repellent for babies and little kids – be sure to get all of their exposed skin, except for their hands and the area around their mouth and eyes.

Kids this age are extremely likely to put their hands on their mouth and as lovely as our mosquito repellent for babies smells, it tastes terrible.  We avoid the mouth area for the same reason, and the eye area to avoid that horrible stinging sensation of having a cream work it’s way into your eyes.

Remember to reapply – our insect repellent works for about 3-4 hours, but you might like to reapply more frequently if you’re sweating a lot or in an area with a lot of mosquitoes about.

Other ways to avoid the bite

Mosquito repellent for babies isn’t the only way you can protect your kids from mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can only bite the skin they can get to, so wearing long sleeves and pants with tight cuffs will help limit the amount of skin available.  Dusk is the time when mozzies are most active, so either stay inside or make sure you’re wearing your repellent.

For little babies, keep them in a covered pram if there are plenty of mosquitoes around.  This can be just a blanket thrown over, or if mosquitoes are a particular issue where you live it might be worth investing in a specific mosquito net covering.

Mosquito repellent for babies, kids and grown-ups is the best way to avoid those itchy mozzie bites, so be sure to reapply regularly!