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Insect repellent for kids

When we first started developing the Good Riddance line of mozzie repellent, it was because we had a bee in our bonnet.  Traditional insect repellents were harming our bodies and the world – and that’s not on.

All the kid’s insect repellent we could find contained DEET, a nasty chemical that was stripping the plastic trim on our car and has been known to cause nervous system symptoms and brain disease.  

When you put anything on your skin, a bit of it is absorbed by the body – and that was not something we wanted in our systems!  After a lot of work and research, Jeannie had developed a natural, effective kids insect repellent we were proud of.

But this led us to our next challenge – packaging.

The skincare industry produces a truly horrifying amount of waste and we weren’t okay with our kids insect repellent adding to this.  So we went on the hunt for an environmentally-friendly packaging option.

We’re happy to say that all our packaging is recyclable.  That includes our:

Our packing peanuts can also be composted.

Chloe’s here to tell you a bit more about how to recycle our packaging:

VIDEO: Is Good Riddance recyclable? 

But while that’s a good start, it wasn’t quite enough.

We know that many of our lovely customers will recycle their kids insect repellent packaging, but it’s reasonable to assume that at least some will end up in the landfill.  That’s why our products have a built-in back up mechanism!  We use tubes with an additive that accelerates the breakdown of the plastic.  In standard landfill, they’ll break down completely within 6-10 years, without leaving any microplastics behind. Awesome!

Our packaging isn’t perfect, but we’re working hard to ensure it’s as environmentally friendly as possible.  We’ll doubtless have changes in the future as more and better options are developed, but for now our kids insect repellent is as environmentally friendly as we can make it!