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how to repel mosquitoes indoors

How to repel mosquitoes indoors

Mosquitoes can be frustrating to deal with indoors, but there are a few things you can do help stop the problem.  Ideally, you want to stop mosquitoes getting inside in the first place.

If you have well-maintained fly screens and a consistent habit of keeping doors closed (especially around twilight), it will go a long way to keeping your home bug-free.  But sometimes that’s not enough.

There are a number of essential oils you can put around your house to make it less appealing for mozzies, such as citronella, tea tree and citronella oils.

We have a lot of customers tell us they diffuse our Tropical Essential Oil using an ultrasonic diffuser with great results.

Another popular deterrent involves chopping a lemon in half and studding it with cloves.  You can place these in strategic points around the house and they’re said to repel mosquitoes and midges.  Natural remedies like this might smell great but the evidence behind them is a bit thin so feel free to give it a go but consider layering it with other methods of protection to keep you and your family safe.

Depending on where you are, you might want to consider sleeping under mosquito netting and wearing insect repellent all the time, even when you’re not planning on going outside.  Insects that bite you inside can carry the same diseases as ones that bite you outside, so safety first!

how to repel mosquitoes indoors