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Why is good riddance a cream

Why is Good Riddance a cream and not a spray?

We often get asked why Good Riddance is a cream and not a spray… well we’re going to give you some insight into some of the science and formulation considerations we went through to arrive at the Good Riddance you know and love today!

Why is Good Riddance a cream and not a spray?

It might seem like we're being different for the sake of being different.

But there are a number of VERY good reasons which make Good Riddance the best natural repellent on the market (we may be biased, but it's true)!

A cream repellent will last longer

Most natural insect repellents, including Good Riddance, use essential oils as their active ingredients.

Essential oils are very volatile. This means they evaporate quickly. And once they evaporate, you're no longer protected. This is why most natural insect repellent sprays don't last very long.

The best way to make essential oils last longer on your skin is to formulate a product which "holds onto" them and stops them from being evaporated.

In Good Riddance, we use a blend of cocoa butter, shea butter and beeswax for this reason. None of these ingredients can be sprayed but they do make the product extremely moisturising!

It adds a physical barrier

Because midges and sandflies are so small, we found that creating a thin barrier on the skin can be enough to stop them from biting.

Again, it's the beeswax, cocoa butter and shea butter that are the magic here. A spray simply doesn't offer the same level of protection (at least in our extensive research and testing).

If you're a midge magnet, check out our sensitive range which is clinically proven to be more effective than DEET against the midges and sandflies.

It’s hard to make it truly natural

For a spray pump to work and not feel greasy, you really need to use water as a "carrier" for the essential oil actives.

But, essential oils don't mix with water.

When you add essential oils to water, they'll create a layer on the top of the water which means you're never going to get a consistent "dose" of the active ingredients each time you apply.

To make an oil and water mix, you use an ingredient called a "solubiliser".

Unfortunately, most solubilisers are synthetic and that doesn't align with our values so we've avoided using them in our products.

Some good news!

There are some natural solubilisers now coming onto the market and this is something we are researching.

Even so, the process of developing, testing and having an insect repellent APVMA approved takes years. Because of this, we aren't likely to have a spray available for you any time soon.

Be different, like Good Riddance!

It's pretty unusual for an insect repellent to be a cream. But that unusual characteristic is actually part of the "secret sauce" that makes Good Riddance work better than other natural repellents!

If you would like to try one of our products and see for yourself how great an insect repellent creams can be, you can view our online store here or click for home page.