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Good Riddance Mozzie and Midgie Mousse is a natural, DEET-free insect repellent that has been clinically proven to repel mosquitoes and protect against midges and sandflies. The product was renamed to Good Riddance Insect Repellent following clinical trials and APVMA registration in late 2020.

What is Good Riddance Mozzie and Midgie Mousse?

Good Riddance Mozzie and Midgie Mousse was developed as an outdoor insect repellent cream that offers protection against mozzies, midges and sandflies, including those that carry Ross River and Dengue viruses. The unique cream base helps to hold the pure essential oil actives on the skin for longer than a spray, reducing the need for re-application while providing an effective physical barrier against midges and sandflies.

The cream itself has a light, nourishing, mousse-like consistency that is nourishing for the skin, non-greasy and pleasant to wear throughout the day.

Good Riddance is available in two varieties: Tropical and Sensitive.

Good Riddance Tropical Mozzie and Midgie Mousse

Good Riddance Tropical Mozzie and Midgie Mousse, now Good Riddance Tropical Insect Repellent, is a tropical strength, DEET-free insect repellent. The essential actives include citronella and lemon-scented tea tree which effectively repel mosquitoes, midges and sandflies.

Good Riddance Tropical Mozzie and Midge Mousse

Good Riddance Tropical was developed in conjunction with fishermen up in Darwin to ensure it provides a super high level of protection, even when you're in the middle of a mangrove swamp or the middle of Kakadu.

You can view our Tropical Insect Repellent range here. 

Good Riddance Baby Mozzie and Midgie Mousse

Good Riddance Baby Mozzie and Midgie Mousse, now Good Riddance Sensitive Insect Repellent is one of the only insect repellents in Australia that has been specifically developed for babies, sensitive skin and pregnancy. Our Sensitive range uses a unique blend of lavender and lemongrass essential oils as its active ingredients as well as a new, naturally derived, hypoallergenic preservative derived from basil. 

Good Riddance Sensitive Mozzie and Midge Mousse

Good Riddance Sensitive was created after the enormous demand we saw up in Darwin for a safe, natural insect repellent that could be applied to babies, kids and sensitive skin on a daily basis. The Sensitive products have a thicker, luxurious cream base which helps to hold the notoriously volatile (aka quick to evaporate) actives on your skin. This also creates a physical barrier on your skin which offers an additional level of protection against those pesky midges and sandflies. In clinical and field trials, the Sensitive range came back as slightly more effective against the midges compared to the Tropical range (and just as good as DEET).

You can view our Sensitive Insect Repellent range here.

Is Good Riddance Insect Repellent the same as Good Riddance Mozzie and Midgie Mousse?

While we may have changed the name of our products, we haven't changed our values as a business. If you're familiar with our Mozzie and Midgie Mousse, you'll find the transition over to our Insect Repellent range is completely seamless. We haven't added any nasties or additional ingredients to the products during our APVMA approval process, it's the same cream you've come to know and love. 

Why did we rename Good Riddance Mozzie and Midgie Mousse?

We love our roots but it's time for us to call it like it is! Getting Good Riddance approved for sale as an insect repellent was a hard slog and we're super proud of that achievement. Of course we're going to sing that from the rooftops! So after many years, we've made the decision to retire the Mozzie and Midgie Mousse name and rebrand as an Insect Repellent.

Why is Good Riddance different to most natural repellents?

For a product to be listed for sale as an insect repellent in Australia, it needs to be registered with the APVMA. The APVMA is an Australian government agency who regulate pesticides, veterinary and agricultural chemicals. That means a product needs to be thoroughly tested, demonstrating both its effectiveness and safety, before being registered for sale in Australia. 

This process take a long time and is incredibly costly, which can be a prohibitive factor for many small natural brands. Our own approval took more than two years of clinical trials, stability testing, safety testing and lots and LOTS of paperwork. 

Good Riddance uses a uniqe blend of natural active ingredients, rather than relying on citronella only, one of the most common natural insect repellent actives. Additionally, Good Riddance was created as a cream, rather than the classic spray formulation we've come to expect from insect repellents. This makes the products last much longer on your skin compared to most natural insect repellents on the market. 

Rather than being sticky, smelly or irritating to your skin, Good Riddance is designed to be soothing and nourishing for your skin while having a light, non-greasy feel. Plus, it smells AMAZING. An insect repellent shouldn't need to stink, it should be versatile enough to wear everyday without feeling like you need to throw on some camo and combat boots to round out the look! But, it should also be effective enough that if that is your look, you're good to go. We think we've nailed that with the Good Riddance Insect Repellent range.

Check out our online store here, or find out more about what makes Good Riddance different here.