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can insect repellent be used on dogs

Can insect repellent be used on dogs?

Just like us, dogs are susceptible to bites from mosquitoes, midges and sandflies and really benefit from some extra protection.

Our Tropical and Sensitive repellents can be applied to the undercarriage of dogs to stop them getting bitten by mozzies and sandflies. You see, the Tropical Insect Repellent contains Lemon Scented Tea Tree which is a different genus to regular tea tree (which is toxic to dogs). Good Riddance is even stocked by our favourite dog nutrition and wellbeing suppliers, Aussie Pooch!

Once you’ve found your dog-friendly insect repellent, make sure you do a patch test.  This gives you a chance to see whether your dog is sensitive or allergic to a product before you’ve smothered it over their entire body.

Make sure to regularly check the area and keep a close eye out for non-verbal cues or changes in their behaviour, such as scratching the area or other signs of discomfort.

No matter what product you decide to go with, remember that dogs and cats are extra sensitive to DEET products.

They can cause seizures and sometimes even death.  If you have DEET around for human use, make sure it’s well out of reach of any inquisitive pets or kids.  Just another reason we prefer our effective, natural insect repellent!

can insect repellent be used on dogs